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Declarations of Value

The Consular Office of the Embassy of Italy in Prague is responsible for issuing “Declarations of Value” of educational/professional qualifications that fall within the Czech school/university system.

The procedure for the recognition of Czech qualifications in Italy, both for the continuation of studies (School / University), and for work purposes, requires the Italian Embassy in Prague to issue the “Declaration of Value” (DoV).

In this document, the Embassy of Italy in Prague declares the value of educational/professional qualifications obtained in the Czech Republic with reference to local law.

The DoV does not correspond to a certificate of equivalence. Subsequently, the competent Italian administrations (Ministry of Education, Ministry of University and Research, Provincial School Offices, Universities, etc.) will declare the equivalence (called “equipollenza”) of foreign qualifications to similar Italian qualifications.

Please note that the DoV is issued exclusively to the complete cycle of studies (e.g. “Vysvědčení o maturitní zkoušce”, “Vysokoškolský diplom”, “Dodatek k diplomu”, etc.) and not to a simple school attendance certificates.

How to submit the application for DoV at the Italian Embassy in Prague

Exclusively in person, by appointment, by showing up on the day of the appointment with:

  • mandatory documentation;
  • the request form, click here;
  • a copy of your identity document.

The cost of the “Declaration of Value” corresponds to Articles 66N (DoV) and 69 (legalization of translation) of the consular tariff.

Approximately 1700 Czech crowns are to be paid in cash at the counter on the day of the appointment.

The documentation can be sent in a digital format one week before the appointment, by email to the address:, to allow the consular office to prepare the DoV in advance. By doing so, the applicant will be able to collect the DoV on the day of the appointment.

Alternatively, if the applicant decides not to anticipate the documentation via email, on the day of the appointment, only the original documentation will be received and the DoV will be ready after 5 working days, upon agreement with the consular office.

Mandatory documents to present to the Italian Embassy in Prague

To be able to issue a “Declaration of Value” (DoV) of a Czech educational/professional qualification, in addition to the application form duly completed and signed and a copy of an identity document (passport or identity card) valid to da day of the application, the following documentation:

  1. Education: (Vysvědčení ZŠ/ Vysvědčení o maturitní zkoušce/ Vysokoškolský diplom/Dodatek k diplomu…)
    • The title must be presented in original or in a certified copy of the original (for the copy, please contact any Czech post office with the Czech POINT office)
  2. To this title must be affixed the stamp of the local Ministry of Education
  3. After the legalization of the Ministry of Education, the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs must affix the apostille
  4. After the apostille, everything must be translated into Italian by one of our translators

The gratuitousness of the DoV

The DoV is issued free of charge only if it is aimed at the continuation of studies. Foreign citizens, regardless of residence, and Italian citizens residing abroad who are able to prove their residence abroad at the time of the application (e.g. registration with AIRE, registration, and payment of utilities, bank statement) and attach proof of enrolment at the Italian University.

Recognition in the Czech Republic of Italian Qualifications

Those interested in the recognition in the Czech Republic of qualifications obtained in Italy or elsewhere should contact the local Ministry of Education:

As for the Czech language translations of Italian qualifications, we recommend that you contact one of our translators directly.

For any information, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address: